12 Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms.

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Having a baby is a new and exciting time that deserves to be celebrated. Becoming a mother gives you a whole new holiday to enjoy. Mother’s Day has a new meaning when you are the mom and everyone is recognizing you. These gifts for new moms will not only be useful during their transition into motherhood, but also give them and their baby new and functional items that help make those difficult days a little easier.

Faces come into contact every day with the harsh sun, pollution, wind, and weather changes, and sometimes, finding the right cleanser to help our skin balance back out can be a real challenge.

Eighth Day Cleansing Gel helps re-balance skin’s microflora, and detox from day-to-day exposure of harsh elements. These bioactive exfoliative enzymes gently exfoliate the skin and brighten your complexion, all in one step! Use this cleanser in the morning and evening for fresh, even skin that glows while Mom works.




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