9 Dermatologist-Approved Cleansers That Fight Acne

Of all the beauty aisles in a store, the face wash one may just be the most confusing: How do you know which ingredients will work for your skin? What percentage should they be? Should it be foam? Gel? Both?

When it comes to finding the right cleanser for acne, it's all about looking for something that will treat your specific skin type. "If you have sensitive skin presenting lots of redness and acne, for example, you should use a foaming wash formulated without sulfates," says Manon Pilon, Medical Esthetician and author of Anti-Aging The Cure: Based on your Body Type. "If you have normal to thick skin with acne and without the presence of diffused redness, you should use an anti-acne gel cleanser, and if you have more than three pimples located in one area, you should use the bacteriostatic cleanser on your entire face (even if your breakout is only in one location)." Sounds simple enough, but if you're looking for a few perfect face washes that fit the bill, we've got you. Below, dermatologists to give us the ultimate list of acne-banishing face cleansers on the market. From drugstore to K-Beauty, there's one for every concern and price point.


Facial Tonic

"For true hormonal acne (which tends to cause deep-seated, painful cysts around the jawline and neck area), hormone therapy like prescription spironolactone or oral contraceptives are the best treatment," explains dermatologist Dr. Tony Nakhla. " Eighth Day Facial Tonic and Dark Spot Rx will help with the scarring and hyper-pigmentation that can occur after a lesion occurs." 

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