Over The Moon - The Best Winter Beauty Products for Cold-Weather Brides.


There are certain straightforward rules to mastering a winter beauty routine that rely on pure logic: Cold weather strips skin and hair of valuable moisture, so doubling down with hydration-locking formulas are easy swaps for lighter summer staples. But for the cold-weather bride that can’t simply wrap up and disappear under layers of cashmere for the season, it’s worth a deeper dive into full-body rejuvenation.

For the new cult-favorites, it’s a science...Or what about Eighth Day’s Cleansing Gel, which keeps selling out at Brooklyn’s cool-girl beauty boutique Shen? Its futuristic-yet-clean formula soothes chapped skin while simultaneously exfoliating for brightness that comes free of the inflammation tied to harsher scrubs and peels. Both options remove the risk of wedding day redness and flakiness that can surface with harsher products.