What are "bio-identical" ingredients?

They are skin care ingredients specifically designed for human skin that are identical to the actual molecules (mainly proteins) found in your skin. These ingredients exert potent anti-aging benefits unlike any other class of skincare ingredients.

Why is using bio-identical ingredients important?

Human skin is an organ, like the heart and lungs. It only responds to specific types of molecules that are specific to human skin cells. A good analogy is the modern wellness concept that cow's milk is for cows and breast milk is for humans. The same concept can be applied to skin care. Human skin responds best to its own, unique ingredients.

Where do they come from?

They can be synthesized by artificial means or "grown" from human stem cells in live cultures (also known as conditioned media). Think of a petri dish of stem cells that are growing and producing an extract of pure human proteins. The proteins (not the cells) are then extracted, purified, and used in products like our Regenerating Serum.  

What is "bio-identical" snake venom protein?

It is a protein that is synthesized in a lab that mimics a protein found in a snake venom. This protein causes a safe, temporary, muscle relaxing effect to smooth out the wrinkles under the eyes. This "biohack" is similar to what doctors use for in-office wrinkle injections and is considered safe. Venoms are also used widely in Europe for their antiaging benefits.


EIGHTH DAY skincare's patent-pending blend of bio-identical human skin proteins produced by a combination of both synthetic bio-fermentation and live tissue cultures of multiple human stem cell lines. This technology produces the most robust human skin protein profile in the world and mimics the restorative and nourishing effects of human placental proteins, the very source of life. Human placental membranes and proteins are used in reconstructive surgery and are the basis of EIGHTH DAY skincare's scientific theory of regenerative anti-aging.

Where do the stem cells come from and whose cells are they?

The stem cells are legally and ethically sourced from licensed tissue banks in the U.S. that obtain tissue for clinical research in the field of regenerative medicine from willing participants. Once the cells reach a certain age, are no longer vital, and are no longer producing proteins, they are discarded and new stem cells are obtained from the same sources.

Am I putting other people's cells on my skin?

No. Only the purified proteins that are produced from the stem cells are utilized. The actual cells are discarded.

Is this safe?

Yes. EIGHTH DAY skincare's human proteins were studied at Stanford University Proteomics Core Facility using a method called Liquid Chromotography Mass Spectrometry, a technology that isolates and identifies every protein in our blend. For more information go to https://mass-spec.stanford.edu/protein-identification. Because we know which proteins are present in our formulations, we are able to determine what functions those proteins have on human skin and are able to deem them safe. This is an important distinction among other skin care products that utilize human stem cell tissue cultures similar to EIGHTH DAY's process, however, have not undergone such testing and are unable to speak to their products' safety or efficacy.

Why do some brands and skincare experts advise against "human-derived" and "animal-derived" ingredients?

They are referring to human tissue "extracts" that are used in skincare products. For example, it is common practice in Japan to use actual human placental extracts in anti-aging skincare products. This practice that has been in existence for centuries and continues to this day is a testament to the incredible anti-aging powers of human actives. However, while these products are often very effective because they contain human proteins, they also contain harmful ingredients like estrogen and pathogens. In addition, these "human-derived" products do not undergo the rigorous examination and identification of proteins that EIGHTH DAY formulations undergo. There are also "animal-derived" products that use extracts from animal tissue (ex. sheep's placenta). These also contain harmful, unknown hormones like estrogen and are unsafe. In addition, they cannot reasonably stay true to cruelty-free claims.

Are EIGHTH DAY formulas "clean/non-toxic" and cruelty-free?

Yes. Our products are free of non-inflammatory ingredients like paraban, sulfate, phthalate, PEG, artificial fragrances, and many other harmful additives. In addition, absolutely NO ANIMAL TESTING is performed on EIGHTH DAY skincare products.

Do plant and marine-based ingredients have any merit in skincare?

Yes. These ingredients are great for improving skin characteristics like moisture and pigmentary issues and are utilized often exclusively in many EIGHTH DAY skincare products. It is important to note that individual plant and marine-based ingredients must possess a scientific rational for their use in skincare, and thus EIGHTH DAY formulations contain select plant and marine-based actives with clinical data. For example, Manuka Honey is used for wound healing in modern medicine and has been used for centuries by healers throughout the world. It has been studied extensively for its regenerative effects on human skin cells, has legitimate clinical data, and is one of the many plant-based ingredients incorporated into EIGHTH DAY skincare. Many plant-based ingredients that are used commonly in other skin care brands are simply nonsensical and possess neither clinical data nor scientific rationale for use in anti-aging. For example, human skin is not the same as cucumber skin, and thus cucumbers are inactive or "inert" on skin. However, it is fashionable for cucumbers to be used in skin care (for ex. used commonly as an anti-aging eye treatment at spas). This is one of the many examples of ingredients in popular skincare products that sound good (like caviar, miracle ocean broths, and raspberries), but don't make much sense to use on the skin. They are, however, delicious to eat :) (except for the broth).

Why are plant and marine-based regimens not enough?

Human skin is not composed of plants cells or sea organisms and, thus, serious anti-aging and regenerative results can only be achieved by combining these ingredients with human actives specifically designed for human skin.

What does it mean to be the purest, most nutrient-dense regimen in the world?

The combination of human actives with scientifically-sound plant and marine-based actives in the purest formulations, clean and free of harmful additives, gives EIGHTH DAY skincare the unique advantage of possessing the purest, most nutrient-dense regimen available. That means that every product is packed with the best ingredients that the scientific world of skincare has to offer, without compromise.