Dr. Antony Nakhla
Dr. Antony Nakhla

Dr. Antony Nakhla

Developed in a clinical setting by Dr. Antony Nakhla — a leading reconstructive skin cancer surgeon, wound healing expert and clinical researcher — Eighth Day products are infused with Peptide-rich Plasma®, a patent-pending, biologically active blend of ingredients and clinically-tested delivery system formulated by Dr. Nakhla to give you, easily, the best skin of your life.

Eighth Day uses only the best and purest ingredients in the right combination to be effective — bio-identical ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin’s surface and mimic the skin’s own ability to renew and repair itself.

The Serum that’s as
Smart As Your Skin

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Image of droplet

The Regenerative Serum

The Regenerative Serum, formulated with Peptide-rich Plasma®, addresses the 10 visible signs of skin aging, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while restoring radiance and refining texture for healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

Peptide-rich Plasma® is a proprietary, patent-pending skincare technology formulated by Dr. Nakhla and composed of 24 bioidentical synthetic peptides, growth factors and amino acids. Delivering potent benefits deep within the skin’s surface.

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Decoding Your Skin

The Intensive Moisturizer

Intensely hydrating, deep cellular moisture.

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