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Our Ingredient Story

Dr. Nakhla’s formulations include a host of thoughtfully selected ingredients vital to skin health. Cocktails and blends packed with 10 to 20 active ingredients all at clinical levels, all at the very top of our ingredient list, all working together toward a specific targeted goal. Always delivering superior results.

Image of three plasma droplets
Image of three plasma droplets

Peptide-Rich Plasma®

Eighth Day products are formulated with Peptide-Rich Plasma®, a proprietary, patent-pending skincare technology formulated by Dr. Nakhla and composed of 24 bioidentical synthetic peptides, growth factors and amino acids. Delivering potent benefits deep within the skin’s surface.

Droplet of serum exiting dropper
Droplet of serum exiting dropper

In addition to Peptide-Rich Plasma®, active ingredients include:

Nonapeptide-1: blocks melanin synthesis to target discoloration

Alpha Lipoic Acid: potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger

Niacinamide: reduces redness and inflammation

Savage Ginger Root Extract and Knotgrass Flavonoids: protect against environmental UV, infrared and blue light damage

Droplet of serum exiting dropper
Droplet of serum exiting dropper

GABA: active neuropeptide for healing and repair

Manuka Honey: promotes healing and skin immunity

Glycolic Acid: improves skin texture and reduces enlarged pores

Hyaluronic Acid: improves moisture and skin plumpness