Clean Science. Green Commitment.


Innovative. Honest. Transparent. Transformative. We’re starting a new conversation around what it means to be clean and green. While many brands today are focused on talking about what’s not inside their products, we are even more excited to tell you what is inside. At Eighth Day, we are proud that our vegan, gluten-free formulas contain none of the “nasties” you don’t want—from phthalates, parabens and PEGs to sulfates and synthetic fragrance—and even prouder of the high-performance proprietary actives we’ve packed into every bottle and jar.  Our skin care is not just clean, it’s active.



Taking insight and inspiration from his groundbreaking work in wound healing, our founder, Dr. Antony Nakhla, a leading reconstructive skin cancer surgeon and clinical researcher, started Eighth Day with the belief that the highest quality ingredients—nutrient-dense actives designed to mimic the way youthful skin functions and repairs itself—could make a visible change in the skin when applied topically. To ensure that our products are powerful enough to make a difference, key ingredients like growth factors, peptides, and amino acids are infused in each formula at clinically active concentrations. That’s why you see them up at the top of our ingredient lists. “We’ve made a product with the least amount of preservatives and the most amount of actives,” says Dr. Nakhla. “It’s bio-identical skin care that speaks the language of skin. That’s what we’ve created, and that’s what our ingredient list tells you.”

In addition to creating elegant formulations made without compromise, we are also committed to producing beautifully designed sustainable packaging that makes the smallest possible impact on the environment. Our Regenerative Serum, which comes in a sleek black, UV protective glass bottle with a glass dropper and rubber stopper, avoids plastic entirely. For bottles that require pump componentry, we use PCR—post consumer resin—plastic for the outer packaging, with refillable glass inserts. Consumers are encouraged to reuse the outer packaging, simply slipping in a new refill when it’s time to replenish. For products that require a squeeze tube, like our Restorative Cleanser, we use one that is made from 100% bio-based plastic resin derived from sugarcane. The light-weight design of this tube and integrated cap results in the use of 19% less material and up to 93% fewer emissions per piece.

Even our secondary boxes are constructed from an innovative cotton fiber paper made from recycled T-shirts and denim scraps, diverted from the 10.5-million tons of clothing waste Americans send to landfills each year. All of the materials and componentry we use are recyclable.

“We’re very serious about this,” says Dr. Nakhla. “It’s a true luxury experience with the lowest carbon footprint and as little plastic as possible. This is the new luxury”

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