The Serum That’s As Smart As Your Skin

Eighth Day is founded upon the belief that skin is genius: Just look at how it instinctively regenerates, repairs, responds to emergencies and works overtime to protect itself and maintain its very own status quo. To be honest, there isn’t much that topical skin care can do better—but what if there was a product that was as smart as your own skin, that understood its mechanisms, and communicated directly with its cells in order to help keep it looking even better than it could on its own? That is precisely what founder Dr. Antony Nakhla set out to create with his groundbreaking Regenerating Serum: a silky, fast-absorbing tonic designed to be the first step, and power player, in your daily regimen.

Eighth Day’s Regenerating Serum works because its core ingredients are bio-identical: They are recognized by the body as its own. They have the same keys to the house, so to speak, and thus can move right in, getting to work instructing the body to do everything it needs to do to keep skin looking young and fresh, like secreting more plumping, hyaluronic acid and producing more firming, line-reducing collagen and elastin fibers.





“The skin has the unique ability to heal itself,” explains Dr. Nakhla. Ingredients like Peptide-Rich Plasma (Eighth Day’s patent-pending blend of growth factor, amino acids and peptides) send the same cascade of signals and instructions the body would dispatch in the face of injury—for example, exposure to environmental damage like toxins and UV light. “We’re replenishing the skin with the tools it already has to repair and regenerate,” says Dr. Nakhla. “It’s as smart as your skin in that only those ingredients matter, the ones that are native. We’re speaking the same language.”

Dr. Nakhla formulated the Regenerating Serum as a bespoke cocktail packed with enough high-potency actives to deliver maximum results. Think of it as an entire, nutrient-dense meal for your skin, as opposed to a simple side dish. In addition to Peptide-Rich Plasma, the foundational proprietary blend in each Eighth Day product, here are other noteworthy ingredients, chosen for their ability to target specific skin concerns:

  • Nonapeptide-1, which blocks melanin synthesis: Discoloration
  • Gorgonian extract and alpha lipoic acid: Inflammation
  • Niacinamide-PC: Redness
  • Hedychium coronarium root extract (savage ginger root extract), knot grass flavonoids: Environmental UV, infrared, and blue light protection
  • Gaba, a neuropeptide for healing and repair, manuka honey: Dullness
  • Glycolic acid: Enlarged pores
  • Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, used as a base: Dehydration
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