We Speak the Language of Skin

What does it mean to speak the language of skin? It means, in the words of Eighth Day founder Dr. Antony Nakhla, the opportunity to establish a direct line of communication with skin cells, an ability to send signals that are received, understood, and immediately acted upon. It is the difference between skin care that sits on top of the skin doing not much more than temporarily improving hydration and perhaps smelling good, and skin care that penetrates to the deepest layers of the cellular matrix, and takes transformative action once it arrives there.

“Skin cells communicate with each other in a specific code, their own language,” explains Dr. Nakhla, a skin cancer specialist and reconstructive surgeon whose experience observing which ingredients injured skin responds to best as it endeavors to repair itself has informed Eighth Day’s boundary breaking formulations.




Bioidentical actives—peptides, growth factor, and amino acids identical to molecules found within human skin—are able to communicate directly with skin cells because (unlike botanical extracts, for example, which have foreign cellular structures) they are recognized as their own. Like little telephone operators, they are able to place and connect calls to individual cells, delivering specific instructions for skin renewal and repair. “The molecules we focus on are the ones that can cause a cascade of actions that lead to the regenerative processes of skin,” says Dr. Nakhla. “Healing, repair, restoration of the underlying structure, collagen and elastin formation, hydration, new cell turnover, the formation of new blood vessels—all of the things that keep your skin healthy and young.”

The result is an unprecedented collection of skin care built upon a doctor’s profound depth of knowledge of the human skin and what it takes to bring about real change. While there is no magical berry, mysterious molecule, or pearl from the bottom of the sea, Eighth Day is proud to deliver a true luxury experience. The luxury being that, beyond elegant formulations and beautiful packaging, it works.


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