I Own 27 Eye Creams, But These Are the Ones I Recommend to My Friends

I have a super-scientific and strategic way to handle almost every kind of wrench life chucks at me. Eye cream. Impending deadline doom? Eye cream. Insomnia? Eye cream. Zit? Eye cream. Delayed flight? Eye cream. I'm kind of kidding, but I'm also kind of not.

As far as skincare goes, eye care is my absolute favorite category to dabble in, and it's one of the few product groups I can change up weekly, daily, minutely (not a word, but you get what I'm saying) without totally messing up my skin. (If I was to apply the same tactic to my other products, it'd be a completely different story for my breakout-prone skin.)

For an eye cream with some bite (I mean this literally), and to zap any fine lines (no matter how miniscule) in one fell swoop, I rely on this formula from Eighth Day. It contains snake venom—dead serious—and the brand's trademark Active Placental Matrix hones in on any unwanted puffiness, bruise-like dark circles, and fine lines. Designer peptides, vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid, arnica montana, B vitamins, and bilberry fill out the impressive lineup of skin ingredients.

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